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Why Should You Join Indian Army

In school years, most of the young boys cherish the dream to become an Indian Army soldier, particularly when they see the ranks, post, and honor that a person gets when he joins the Indian Army. If you even dreamt the same way, here are some of the key benefits of joining Indian Army that will help to make your decision even more concrete.

Job Security

In this world of competition, all of us need a secured job, and the private companies cannot offer such posts to all the jobseekers. Having a government job, that too in the Indian Army, will obviously secure your life. The best part is that you will get increments in your salary throughout your life.

Pay And Allowances

If you have recently finished your training from the National Defence Academy and are posted as Commissioned Officer in the Army, then you can earn a salary of about ₹42,000 a month. Besides that, there are many allowances like high altitude allowance, island allowance, diving allowance, commando allowance, sailing allowance, submarine allowance, etc. as well that would account to your monthly pay.

Scope For Higher Education

If you are very much interested in studies, then the Indian Army will offer you chance to finish your education, even after you join Army. Moreover, technical officers are provided opportunity to pursue M. Tech courses from institutions like IIT Chennai, Delhi, and Mumbai in their preferred stream. There are seats reserved for Armed Forces in the courses offered by these institutions.

Foreign Assignments

Indian Army

Indian Army Parade

The Indian Army sends their officers with diplomatic visa to many foreign countries. The Defence Ministry attaches these postings as peace postings. This means that you can also fulfill your dream of visiting foreign countries by joining the Indian Army. You need not waste your time serving the corporate companies expecting to get an assignment to work in foreign countries.

Respect And Gratitude

You can get immense respect and gratitude by serving in the Army. We all know that people speak to a soldier with respect. In addition, you get respect from your subordinates, fellow soldiers, and also from your family. You cannot get the respect and gratitude, which you get as an Army officer, from any other profession.

Facilities For Family

You can also avail facilities for your family like free schooling for your children, canteen facilities, free medical facilities to your dependents, loan facilities, free air tickets for you and your family once every year, and more. Apart from that, you can have memberships of health clubs, gyms, golf courses, etc., at cheap rates.



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