The Military Nursing Service

The Military Nursing Service is an integral part of the Armed Forces Medical Services (AFMS). The Military Nursing Service in the Indian Army was introduced by the British Army in 1881. For the past 134 years they’ve been rendering services to the armed personnel both in India and abroad. They are called in to cater to the medical needs of the civilian population during natural calamities. Their remarkable service has drawn appreciation from both Indian and Foreign officials.

Apart from the professional activities, MNS Officers have also participated in sports and adventure activities at National and International levels. An MNS member, Major Saroja Kumari of Military Nursing Service has made the nation proud by winning India’s first gold medal in a women’s shooting event at the Commonwealth Games 2006.

The various ranks of the Military Nursing Service are listed below in descending order:

Major General
Lieutenant Colonel

Currently there are no personnel equivalent to JCOs/OR in the Military Nursing Service. Other para-medical personnel such as Nursing Assistants are part of Army Medical Corps.



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