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Territorial Army

Initially raised in 1920, the Territorial Army in India (TA) is an organization of volunteers who receive military training for a few days in a year so that they can be mobilized to defend the country, if the need arises.

The Territorial Army is part of Regular Army and its current role is to relieve the Regular Army from static duties and assist civil administration in dealing with natural calamities and maintenance of essential services in situations where life of the communities is affected or the Security of the Country is threatened and to provide units for Regulars Army whenever required.

Men of TA have taken active part in various adventure activities, famous one being scaling of Mt Tengchen Khang (6010 Mtr) in West Sikkim by Jt-Indo-British TA Mountaineering Expedition in May 98. Many industrialists, politicians, sportsmen and eminent personalities have been members of the Territorial Army.



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