queries about teritorial army and other personal doubts

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shaik thoukheer asked 1 year ago

i have some queries on TA firstly am grateful to have a chance like ta, as i can be a part of my indian army and very much proud to be that. myself shaik Thoukheer, an aeronautical engineering student pursuing my 4th year b.tech,and preparing for my gate ae. from childhood am dreaming to be an army officer, but my parents also suggested me to be a researcher such that my country is proud of it, so i took aeronautical now i have the following doubts could u plz answer it, 1. can i eligible to join TA in after my b.tech or while m.tech as having job pauses my carrier and it will be difficult for me to find a job only to join in TA (as its eligibility criteria) plz give some suggestion. 2. after My TA course can i eligible to go to other countries for my studies and for umrah/hajj. 3.after my TA course what rights can i have or what i don’t when compared to normal citizen (like voting, freedom of migrating diff parts of country etc..) 4. after my TA course, am i able to help ppl at the times of floods and other accidents. 5. after my TA course, can i continue my research aerospace. 6. after my TA course, am i eligible to stop unjust things which is bothering our citizens especially on women. or i have to be a IAS officer for that? 7. as an indian i wanted to be a army man by doing my work correspondingly and also ensuring safety of my citizens, i wanted to experience army like this, is it possible?