Education Qualification for CDSE

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ni9elf asked 12 months ago

In the eligibility checker ( for Indian Army, the following education qualification are stated ineligible for “Indian Military Academy (Direct Entry)” (which means CDSE): B.E. / B.Tech / B.Arch / MSc Computer M.E. / M.Tech / M.Arch Post Graduation (Other than M.E. / M.Tech / M.Arch) Only the option “GRADUATION (All graduation degree other than B.E / B.Tech & B.Arch)” is eligible for CDSE. The official newspaper notification for CDSE states the educational qualification as “Degree of a recognized University or equivalent”, page 7 under section (c) here: Therefore ALL the above degrees should be eligible. What qualification should a dual degree (BTech plus Mtech) student provide? Why are the engineering degrees (BTech, etc) above ineligible (is there a mistake on the website)?