Operation Surya Hope

Following the flash floods in Uttarakhand in June 2013, the Indian Army was pressed into rescue services. The Uttarakhand flood was caused by record unseasonal monsoon rains, cloud burst, floods, flash floods, and, possibly, climate change induced glacier lake outburst floods. The humanitarian disaster affected millions, stranded over 100,000 pilgrims and tourist in Himalayan religious sites, and killed thousands of  people.

Operation Surya Hope was put in place to rescue the people affected due to this calamity. Army’s disaster response units included infantry battalions, Army Service Corps units to provide Logistic and Supply support, signals regiment, engineer regiments, advance dressing stations and other medical units, special forces, specialized mountain troops, paratroopers, and army aviation corps assets. The Army Aviation Corps deployed 13 helicopters (nine on 19 June and an additional four the next day). This is the largest humanitarian mission by the Indian Army in several decades.The army’s performance and discipline, in the response to the Humanitarian crisis in Uttarakhund, has been widely applauded.



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