Inspiring Stories Of Indian Army: How A Second Lieutenant Single Handedly Denied Pakistan From Entering India

There are many brave and valiant tales about brave Indian Army soldiers, which give us an insight on their devotion to duty, indomitable courage, and outstanding leadership. Here is one such story about Second Lieutenant Arun Khetarpal, which will inspire you to join the Indian Army and serve the nation.

The Act Of Valor

This incident happened during the 1971 war between India and Pakistan. The Poona Horse regiment, which included Lt. Arun Khetarpal, was assigned to build a bridge across the Basanar river, which was situated in the Shakargarh region near the international border.

After constructing the bridge, the engineers were to locate and crack the minefields set by the enemies. The brave efforts of the Indian soldiers allowed them to establish a passage for the military tanks to pass by December 16, 1971.

However, the Pakistani army interfered as the Indian soldiers reached halfway across the bridge. The passage of military tanks was suddenly halted, when an adequately armed regiment of Pakistani soldiers arrived and started to attack the Indian soldiers.

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Brave Soldiers Of The Indian Army

Commander of the squadron contacted Second Lt. Khetarpal and requested him for backup, as the Indian Army soldiers were outnumbered. Lt. Khetarpal rushed to the bridge on his tank, captured a few soldiers, and drove forward towards the enemies.

The Pakistani army counter attacked, targeting the second tank of the group that was under the squadron commander’s control. Though the Pak army destroyed the commander’s tank, killing him in action, Lt. Khetarpal continued to fight single-handedly against four enemy tanks. Lt. Khetarpal stood strong in the fight, and the Pakistan army had to leave their tanks and run.

Though the tank was on fire, brave Lt. Khetarpal refused to surrender and continued to destroy the remaining Pakistani tanks. Lt. Khetarpal died a fearless death inside his tank and managed to keep the enemies out of the Indian land.

Even when he was ordered to leave the flaming tank, he refused and said, “No Sir, I will not abandon my tank. My gun is still working and I will get these bastards.” Army Calling salutes Second Lt. Arun Khetarpal for his act of valor. Jai Hind!



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