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Indian Army Warns Candidates Against Fake Recruitment Agents

The Indian Army recently filed a complaint to the state government and police of Kerala against agents who cheat candidates who are appearing for upcoming Army recruitment. These agents disguise as representatives of the Indian Army to take advantage of the candidates, financially. Indian Army has also issued warnings against agents who dupe as candidates appearing for the Army recruitment drives.

“It has been brought to the notice that some agents and touts are active and cheating candidates claiming that they are agents for army recruiting promising recruitment in the upcoming rally at Trivandrum from October 15. Candidates are being asked to pay 3 to 5 lakhs rupees and submit their original documents. The matter has been reported to the state administration and police authorities,” Army officials said in a press statement.

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Army Recruitment Rally

“It is once again reiterated that the entry into Indian Army is totally free and there are no agents. Entry is totally on merit and no one can influence the selection system which is conducted by teams from outside state. Candidates are advised not to pay money to any agent, institute or organization even if he claims to be an ex-Army man with contacts in the recruiting office. If anyone approaches them with such offers, candidates are advised to report to the police or to Army Recruiting Office, Thirumala post, Pangode Military Camp, Trivandrum. Phone No. 0471-2351762,” the statement said.

The warning is issued against the upcoming Army recruitment rally that is to be held at Thiruvananthapuram from October 15 to 24, for men from the 76 southern districts of the state. “The Army does not have any authorized agents for recruitment. And no such thing is as a pre-recruitment rally is conducted by the Army,’’ said Colonel P.R. Ravikumar, Army Recruitment Officer (ARO), Trivandrum.

“The Army does not charge a single rupee from any candidate for attending the rallies. We are stressing this point because there are reports that touts have been taking as much as Rs 3 lakh from candidates promising them a job in the army,’’ he added.



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