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Indian Army Urges Goan Youths To Join The Forces

Indian Army officials are now motivating Goan youth to join the armed forces. Veterans of the Indian Army recently conducted a motivational talk session for the students from Goan colleges on various career options in the Indian Armed Forces, as only a few youth are enrolling to the Indian Army from the state of Goa in the past few years.

A good motivational speaker and a veteran of the Indian Army, Lt. Col. Sunil Tandale talked about the various career opportunities in the Indian Armed Forces and guided the Goan youth on the important points about the recruitment examinations that are conducted by the Indian Army. He also delivered a speech on the topic “Is there an Army officer in you,” while talking at the Career Talk Series that was organized by the International Centre Goa (ICG). This talk series by ICG mainly aims to highlight those careers in the Indian Army that the Goan youth do not usually consider.

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Army Recruitment For Goan Youth

Lt. Col. Tandale interacted with the Goan students and explained them the pride and the advantages of joining the Indian Army. Lt. Col. Tandale was in the Kumaon regiment of the Army and has served almost two decades in engaging and versatile roles in the Kumaon regiment, which is one of the most decorated regiments of the Indian Army. He shared interesting stories and experiences about the adventurous life that he had in the Indian Army and spoke about some of the brave operations that were conducted by the Indian Armed Forces.

Statistics show that the turnout is poor for the various Army recruitment rallies that are conducted annually in the state of Goa. Army officials said that an inclination to the tourism related careers and the changes in lifestyle of the youth has been discouraging the Goan youth from becoming a part of the Indian Armed Forces.

Army officials further added that the neighboring localities like Kolhapur and Belagavi see numerous potential candidates queuing up to become a part of the Indian Army during the various recruitment drives conducted by the Army. However, the daily turnout from the entire state of Goa for the Army recruitment drives usually fall between 200 to 600 candidates, which is a very low number. With such initiatives, the Army is looking to motivate the youth from Goa to join Army in more numbers.



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