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Indian Army Still To Name The New Commander Of South Western Command

The South Western Command of the Indian Army, which is headquartered at Jaipur, is one of the most vital operational commands looking after the western borders of the country. The previous commander of this command was Lt. General Sarath Chand.

However, Lt. Gen. Chand stepped down from this position a few days ago, and he is currently assigned as the Vice Chief of Army Staff at the Indian Army Headquarters, Delhi. Surprisingly, Army officials have not yet appointed a new officer as the Commander of the South Western Command.

A smooth transition is usually ensured by the government, which approves these kinds of appointments and postings. Yet the present scenario reminds us the case of the Western Command of the Indian Army headquartered at Chandimandir. The previous commander of the said command, Lt. Gen. K J Singh, stepped down from his position on July 31, 2015 and it took about 2 months for the Indian Army to find a successor for the Commander post.

Spokespersons from the Army stated that the official declaration on who will be assigned as the next Commander usually comes before the previous commander is relieved from duty. This was as per the priority and convention, and this rule was strictly followed since the launch of the Command.

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Reports also indicate that some senior officials of the Indian Army are unhappy, as the posting of the new Commander selection is getting a lot delayed. They wanted the appointments and postings to be completed before the current officer steps down from his position.

Insiders also claim that the Ministry of Defence has been following this trend since last year, where the announcement of the new incumbents came a lot slower than expected. Many senior officials have blamed this issue upon the Ministry of Defence, and said that the, “Armed Forces never worked like this; not with respect to postings at such senior and sensitive posts.”

On the other hand, the South Western Command of the Indian Army, which is the youngest command of the Army, is currently operating without a full time Army Commander. Nonetheless, reports say that the Indian Army is planning to overcome this issue soon, and they will assign officers to the said position immediately.



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