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Indian Army Proposes High Tech Methods For Securing Its Military Bases

The Indian army has made a 1000 crore proposal to the government in securing its installations using latest technology. This includes the addition of motion sensors to detect any trespassing and breaching of its base fences. The soldiers keeping guard on such installations will highly benefit from these hi-tech methods in early detection of any intruder activities.

The Army made this proposal in the aftermath of last year’s terrorist attacks in Uri and Nagrota. As reported, terrorists from Pakistan breached the Army garrison fences to enter the compound and carry out the attacks.

“After these attacks, we feel there is a need for securing the bases using hi-tech fences along with deployment of movement sensors which can quickly detect any unauthorized entry attempts from any side of a base,” an Army official said, highlighting the importance of this proposal.

Preliminary investigations by the National Investigation Agency and the Army have concluded that the terrorists sneaked inside the compounds by cutting the fencing surrounding these two areas.

At the time, the Defence minister Manohar Parrikar had stated about the importance of securing such high profile installations of the Army through technological means. The Army even summoned DRDO, the premier R&D organization of the country, in the wake of the attacks to begin experimenting on various smart solutions to secure the military bases.

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“The DRDO has been asked to try fences of different kinds – microwave, laser, smart fence – that can pick vibration and CCTV cameras that can pick movement at one kilometer,” said the defense minister about this program.

Such solutions could prove highly effective in guarding the key military installations across the country. The proposal aims to install fencing systems with sensors and motion detectors controlled by a centralized control room, which will aid in effectively tackling any security breaches. The plan to deploy high tech equipment is considered to take place over a three-month period with an initial spending of Rs 400 crore.

There has been a surge in the past year of many such infiltration attempts on military bases across the country. With the addition of such sophisticated technology to guard the bases, it is expected to accurately pinpoint a possible infiltration attempt by terrorists and take the necessary measures. This will aid in securing the country from any possible attacks by terrorist organizations in the future.



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