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Indian Army Eases Height Requirements Of Candidates From Himalayan Regions

The Indian Army has eased the height requirements for people from the Himalayan regions from 166 to 163 cm. The Army has eventually considered this new height requirement due to the repeated demands of the people in the region who want to join Army and serve the nation. Considering this new height requirement, the Indian Army headquarters has already sent out notifications to several of its regimental centers located in the western Himalayan region, which includes Jammu & Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, and the areas of Punjab Hills.

“The Army has decided to reduce the minimum height requirement by 3 cm for natives of the western Himalayan region,” an Indian Army source stated. “The order will be implemented from October 1. The concession has been made on the demands of people from hilly areas who claimed that they were unable to join the Army because of their height.” The new height requirements have also been ordered for the Garwhal Rifles a prominent infantry regiment of the Indian Army.

Indian Army

Height Requirements Changed

According to an Army official from the regimental center in Lansdowne, the center had already issued such a notification related to the easing of height requirements. He said, “We received the order about relaxation of height restrictions this week and will implement the new guidelines from October.” Reports say that the idea of easing the height regulations was implied previously by the then Defense Minister Manohar Parrikar during a visit to Dehradun.

Parrikar had stated that the new height relaxations would be implemented in the Indian Army recruitment based on the priority, which has also got support from the Army Chief Gen. Bipin Rawat. Moreover, there has also been a consistent demand for height relaxation for applicants wishing to join Army by several local politicians and MPs.

The Army’s decision to implement this height relaxation norms will have numerous advantages such as encouraging more youths to join Army from the Himalayan regions. Currently, the Army maintains different height requirements for candidates from the various regions of the country. 160 cm is the main height requirement for the eastern Himalayan regions. This varies for the western plain regions and eastern plain regions with a requirement of 170 and 169 cm respectively. Moreover, the central and southern regions have an average height requirement of 168 and 166 cm for joining the Indian Army.



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