Indian Army – Arms and Services

Indian Army consists of individual corps assigned with specific roles. The current combat doctrine of the Indian Army is based on effectively utilising holding formations and strike formations. In the case of an attack, the holding formations would contain the enemy and strike formations would counter-attack to neutralise enemy forces.

The Indian army consists of the following arms:-

The Armoured Corps

The Infantry

The Gunners – Artillery

Army Aviation

Army Air Defence

The Corps of Engineers

The Corps of Signals

Mechanised Infantry

The Territorial Army has battalions affiliated to different infantry regiments and some department units which are either from the Corps of Engineers, Army Medical Corps or the Army Service corps. They serve as a part-time reserve.

Besides the strike force the Army also has corps for other services as given below:-

The Army Medical Corps

The Army Dental Corps

The Army Education Corps

The Army Ordnance Corps

The Corps of EME – Electronics and Mechanical Engineers

The Army Service Corps

The Pioneer Corps

Corps of Military Police

Intelligence Corps

Judge Advocate General’s Department

Military Farms Service

Military Nursing Service

Remount and Veterinary Service

The Army Postal Service Corps





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