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Indian Armed Forces Conducts Major Exercise To Test Combat Readiness

The Indian Navy recently conducted a mega exercise in which they displayed their strategic assets such as the aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya, the nuclear-powered submarine, along with Jaguar fighter jets of IAF and Su-30.

The Indian Navy organized the Theatre-level Readiness and Operational Exercise (TROPEX) in order to test the combat readiness of the combined fleets of the Air Force, the Navy, the Army, and the Coast Guard.

The exercise, which lasted for a month, was carried out across the North Central Indian Ocean and the Arabian Sea. The primary purpose of the exercise was to test and check the combat readiness of the Indian Armed Forces to deal with any possible attacks or threats.

“TROPEX 2017 assumes great significance in the backdrop of current security scenario,” the Defense Ministry said. “The exercise provided an apt-opportunity to test the combat capability of the Indian Navy, Indian Army, Indian Air Force and Coast Guard, and strengthened inter-operability and joint operations in complex conflict situation.”

More than 45 ships from both the Eastern and Western Naval Commands and five submarines participated in the exercise that was held from January 24 to February 23. The troops from the Army, 20 aircraft from the Air Force including Jaguars and Su-30s, 11 ships from the Coast Guard, 50 Naval aircrafts, and the nuclear powered Chakra, took part in the exercise conducted by the Indian Navy.

Indian Army

Indian Armed Forces

The Defense Ministry said, “The exercise, in complete coordination with the Army and Air Force, was conducted in phases to test the various facets of war-fighting and joint combat capabilities of the armed forces to respond to given threat situations.”

The exercise witnessed several weapons firings from the Indian ships, aircrafts, and submarines from both the Indian Air Force and Indian Navy. The Defense Ministry also added that the interaction between the forces during the exercise helped them to validate the operational war fighting concepts of the Indian Armed Forces. In addition to that, it also offered several lessons, which will help the Indian Armed Forces to sharpen and strengthen their combat skills.

The 2017 edition of the Theatre-level Readiness and Operational Exercise (TROPEX) consisted of the conduct of large scale “Out of Area Contingency” in the island territory and it also saw the participation of all three special forces and their services.



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