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How to succeed in the Run test?

The Run test is conducted to test the candidate’s speed as well as endurance. Speed and stamina plays a vital role during any combat operation. Hence, the army has different criteria for different categories. Failing to finish the 1.6 KM run or finishing it in less than the maximum duration would result in disqualification.

Below is the criteria for Soldier – GD position based on the time taken to complete the 1.6 KM run.

(i)   5:40 Mins and below                       60 Mks         (ii)   5:41 Mins to 6:00                            48 Mks

As in most cases, there is no substitute to practice and hard-work. Proper preparation would help you overcome the challenge of running a mile, and you get used to covering longer distances. As part of the preparation let us break the entire activity into three parts:-

i) Dietary Changes

ii) Physical Training

iii) Motivation

Dietary Changes:- The food we take plays a vital role in supplying our body with the necessary nutrients to build our stamina and develop our muscles. Avoid junk food and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. The diet should contain enough calcium and vitamins. Start consuming skimmed milk. Also, drink a lot of water.

Physical Training:-

Preparation: Before you start any physical activity it is important that you warm-up yourselves well. Do some stretching exercises to give your body time to adjust for the running. The next step should be to determine your current level. Measure how long you can run and how much distance you can cover. Ideally, you should be covering 283 metres in a minutes or 4.71 metres in a second. Increment the distance covered day by day. Practice during the early hours (between 4 – 6 AM). Maintain a record of the daily progress. You will observe that within a short period you would be able to cover 1.6 KM within 5 minutes and 40 seconds.

Breathe in as deeply as you can through your nose and exhale in a controlled manner through your mouth. Use your breath to help you pace yourself.

Cross-training: Cycling is an exercise that can help build the stamina in your legs and thighs. So, cross-train yourselves with cycling also.


Stay positive. Believe that you can do this. If required, split your distance into two or more short targets and as you achieve one target, remind yourself that there is only a few left.

At the Recruitment Rally:-

a) Take proper rest before the physical fitness test

b) Warm up – keep your body warm by stretching your limbs.

c) Breathe properly

d) Stay Hydrated – Take adequate amount of water. If possible, get glucose added to it to have that additional burst of energy.

e) Once you start the run, keep building pace steadily.

f) Once you get tired, don’t let it stop you. Remind yourself that you have already accomplished this.




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