How to do well in the Army Physical Fitness tests?

The Physical Fitness tests conducted by the Army at the Recruitment Rally is one of the most demanding assessments both physically as well as mentally. The Physical Fitness test comprises of:-

a. 1.6 KM Run test

b. Pull-up test

c. 9 Feet Ditch jump

d. Balancing Beam

Majority of the candidates fail in the 1.6 KM run test. A candidates appearing for the Soldier – GD category should be looking at completing this within 5 minutes and 40 seconds to score the full 60 marks. Even to just qualify you have to finish the run in at least 6 minutes.

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Once you clear the Run test, the next hurdle is the Pull-up test. One has to be able to complete at least 10 pull-ups to score 40 marks and at least 6 to qualify. While this is relatively simple compared to the run test, one has to have strong shoulders and limbs to do well. or tips on “How to succeed in the Pull-up test”, click here.

The next two tests namely, the 9 feet ditch jump and the balancing beam do no carry any marks and are for qualification purposes only.

To do well in all these tests, one has to prepare well in advance by regular practice as well as maintaining a balanced diet so that all the essential nutrients are absorbed by the body. For dietary suggestions, click here.


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