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How to clear the ditch jump?

Candidates participating in the recruitment rally will have to take up the Ditch Jump assessment. A ditch about 9 feet long is dug and the candidate will have to jump over it – it is like a long jump. Unlike the Run test and the pull-up test, there are no marks for this. It is just a qualification parameter. You either pass or fail.

The ditch jump tests the candidate’s fear. Jumping 9 feet over a ditch requires courage apart from skill. This involves application of force, a physical phenomenon and a proper technique to maximize the distance covered. Below are some tips that can help you do well in the ditch jump.

Taking off:-

  1. When you start running, begin slowly and accelerate.
  2. Take long, fast strides and keep your back straight, looking straight forward.
  3. Do not lean backwards. Your ankle, hip and shoulders have to be maintained in a straight line.
  4. Do not slow down when you approach the board or look down.

As you Jump

  1. When you come to the board, jump vertically: your speed will carry you forward.
  2. Shoot your chest out and look upwards Keep your feet as up as possible

As you land

  1. Land with your arms and legs in front of you, as close to fully-extended as possible.
  2. Throw your body weight forward when you land.

Hope these tips help you scale the 9 feet ditch with ease. All the best!!!

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