Fake Nativity Certificates Spotted At Indian Army Recruitment Rally

Approximately 100 candidates used fake nativity certificates to appear in the Indian Army recruitment rally held at the District Sports Complex, Tamil Nadu. The rally was exclusive for candidates from certain taluks in seven districts of Puducherry and Tamil Nadu.

Candidates were allotted specific dates to appear for the Army recruitment rally based on the online applications submitted by them. Officials also asked candidates to bring their community, education, and nativity certificates. The recruitment rally began on August 19 and it extended until the end of the month.

Approximately 2000 to 2500 candidates participated in the Army recruitment rally per day during the period, and revenue officials from respective districts helped the Indian Army in verifying the nativity and community certificates submitted by candidates during the rally.

The officials had a copy of each and every certificate provided by the candidate online under the e-District program. This helped them to identify the fake nativity certificates submitted by the participated candidates easily.

Indian Army Recruitment

Army Recruitment

Indian Army officials revealed that approximately 110 candidates used fake nativity certificates to appear in the recruitment rally. The recruiting officers have disqualified all the 110 candidates and they have passed on the information to the local police authorities.

Forty-one candidates out of the total 110, who used fake nativity certificates, had cleared the physical tests, and they were unaware that the recruiting officer knew about their fake certificates. The candidates arrived the next day to appear for their medical test.

The officials took these candidates to a nearby wedding hall for interrogation. The officials asked them on how they were able to produce a fake nativity certificate and who helped them to do it.

Rangarajan, Additional Superintendent of Police (headquarters) said, “From the interrogation, police were able to get the names of four or five suspects, who had allegedly arranged these certificates. After the questioning, the candidates were allowed to leave.”

The officials also added that since the recruitment was exclusive for certain taluks, candidates from other taluks might have made the fake nativity certificates out of desperation to participate in the rally to join Army.



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