Description of Categories

There are different categories for which candidates are sought at the Indian Army Recruitment rally. Quite often, we do not understand the difference between them. Below we’ve given a brief description about the categories so that you can be sure about which one to apply for.

Soldier (General Duty)

Soldier (General Duty) are the front line defense system of our county, forming the backbone of the army and consist predominantly of fighting troops, besides other trades. A Soldier (GD) could be enrolled into Arms or Services. The duties will be as listed below:-

  1. Arms:- Here you could join the Infantry, Artillery, Armoured Corps, Engineers or Army Air Defence (AAD) as fighting troops, drivers, operators, gunners etc and many other General Duties.
  2. Services:- In Services you could  be enrolled into Army Service Corps (ASC), Ordnance, Army Medical Corps (AMC) on General Duties, operators, drivers etc.

Soldier Technical

The Indian army has weapons, vehicles, equipment, gadgets which are required to be operated and duly maintained. Therefore, the Army require candidates with a science background and aptitude for electrical, mechanical and other technical fields so that in event of any failure or maintenance activity these soldiers would be ready to fix those themselves.

Soldier Clerk / Store Keeper Technical / Inventory Management

The Indian army is quite a large organization with individual units consisting of over 600 personnel and holding a large inventory of stores and equipment. So, they need clerical staff to maintain the inventory , carryout documentation of personnel, book keeping and other routine correspondence. Thus there is requirement of candidates conversant in English and Maths/Book Keeping.

Soldier Nursing Assistant

The Indian Army has its own hospitals and polyclinics to cater to the needs of its personnel as well as their relatives. All kinds of specialists are present in Army Hospitals. Each hospital and polyclinic require Nursing Assistants to assist the doctors, look after the patients, work in the Operation Theaters, account for medicines in the medical stores and administer first aid. The Indian Army thus thus require dedicated candidates with a science background with Biology to be enrolled as Soldier Nursing Assistant..

Education Havildar

The Indian Army has soldiers who come from Class VIII/X educational qualification. There is a requirement to further enhance the education standards of these soldiers. Also certain specialist education / military training is imparted to the soldiers during their service for which  the Indian Army require MA/MSc/ B.Ed students who are well educated and have teaching abilities.

Religious Teachers JCOs

The Indian Army employs individual irrespective of the religion. However, religion is a very important part of many of our lives.  It also serves as as source of great strength to soldiers in difficult times. Each unit has its Mandir/Masjid/Church. There is a requirement of candidates who are conversant with the scriptures and who can carryout the ceremonies in the religious places. We require Pandits/Maulvis/Padris to firstly run our religious places and also serve as Psychological Counselors for the troops to motivate them.

Catering JCO

The Indian Army runs certain large training Institutes and Messes which require to feed large strength of personnel. Also there is a requirement that the food provided is wholesome with the correct nutritional intake as it would directly impact the physical and mental fitness of the army-man. There is thus a requirement of candidates who are qualified/trained in catering services and who will be able to run the Indian Army Messes.

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