Defence Service Corps (DSC)

The Indian Army has a separate security force, the DSC maintained and organized just as the Army. The role of the Defence Service Corps (DSC) is to provide security cover to Defence installations of the three services and Civil Establishments of the Ministry of Defence where DSC cover is sanctioned under the specific orders of Government of India against sabotage and pilferage. To fulfil this role, Defence Service Corps (DSC) provides armed security staff, static guards. Searchers, escorts and mobile patrols by night and day. It is the sixth largest Corps of the Army.

Predominantly, ex-service men for the major chunk in the DSC, with ex-army men topping at arounf 75% contribution to the DSC. To be eligible to join the DSC, character assessed at the time of discharge from former service as well as re-assessed in terms of Para 170 (d) of Regulations for the Army-1987 should be “Very Good” or “Exemplary”.

Discipline: Personnel with not more than one red ink entry during the last five years of former service and not more than two red ink entries during the entire former service are eligible for re-enrolment into Defence Service Corps (DSC). However, those personnel who have been awarded one red ink entry under Army Act Section 48 for intoxication during the last five years of former service are NOT eligible for re-enrolment into Defence Service Corps (DSC).

Service: Personnel from Army / Navy / Air Force should have rendered minimum five years service in uniform. Service counted for pension / gratuity is treated as qualifying service. Ex-Territorial Army personnel should have rendered three years embodied service with minimum attendance in seven Annual Training Camps (ATC).

Medical Category: Medical Category of a personnel seeking re-enrolment into Defence Service Corps (DSC) should be SHAPE-1 at the time of re-enrolment i.e. declared SHAPE-1 either at the time of discharge by the medical board or at the time of Re-Category Medical Board. However, personnel placed in Low Medical Category (LMC) (both temporary/permanent) during the last five years of former service preceding the date of discharge (even upgraded to SHAPE-1 before discharge) due to “Alcohol Dependence Syndrome” are not eligible for re-enrolment into Defence Service Corps (DSC).

Five Years Gap:Gap from the date of discharge from former service till the individual reports to the recruiting agencies for physical and medical test based on the call letter issued by them should be within five years. Hence the date on which the Ex-servicemen reports to recruiting agencies based on the said call letter, is the day he is considered to have reported for re-enrolment. This date will further be referred as the date of screening for Defence Service Corps (DSC)

Age Criteria

  • Soldier (General Duty) Defence Service Corps (DSC)Up to 48 years on the date of screening.
  • Soldier Clerk Defence Service Corps (DSC)Up to 50 years on the date of screening.

Education QualificationThe minimum education qualification required for non-matric personnel for re-enrolment into Defence Service Corps (DSC) is Army 3rd Class Certificate of Education (ACE-III).

Re-Enrolment of Clerk (Staff Duty):Ex-combatant Clerks (Staff Duty) having minimum technical standard of Class – III Clerk (Staff Duty) are eligible for re-enrolment against Clerk vacancies into Defence Service Corps (DSC). Store Keeper Technical of (Army), Clerk (Store Control) of Army and Clerk (Pay Accounts) of Air Force are not eligible for re-enrolment against clerk vacancies into Defence Service Corps (DSC) since they lack the requisite standards prescribed for Clerk (Staff Duty) vide qualification Regulations of Soldiers-1958.

Re-Enrolment of Territorial Army Personnel: Ex-Territorial Army personnel drawing pension for their Territorial Army service, can now be enrolled into Defence Service Corps (DSC) through HQ Recruiting Zones / Army Recruiting Offices (AROs). Re-enrolment into Defence Service Corps (DSC) for ex Territorial Army personnel who are not drawing any type of pension will be carried out by the respective Regimental Centres. Details of embodied service in respect of personnel from Territorial Army duly calculated and signed by the Record Officer and the certificate showing attendance of seven Annual Training Camps (ATCs) duly signed by Commanding Officer of the Territorial Army Battalion are to be furnished and forwarded along with verification report to the Defence Service Corps (DSC)

Pay Scale Pay and allowances are as per Regular Armed Forces personnel.



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