Beware of touts and middlemen!

The Indian Army Recruitment system is designed to detect and eliminate unfair means of admission. At every stage there is thorough scrutiny to ensure that only the right candidates get through. In spite of this, there are some individuals who lure candidates under the pretext of granting them admission into the Indian Army.

The physical criteria, the entrance exams, the physical fitness tests and the medical assessments are all put in place to ensure that the candidate does have it in him to prevail in the most trying conditions. Compromising on these would mean putting the individual, his team members and the mission at risk. Hence, the Army is very particular about the recruitment process.

Below are a few points the Indian Army wants every candidate willing to join them to be aware of:-

  1. Please be Wary of Touts(Dalal). They cannot influence the recruiting procedure at all. They are liars and take advantage of your lack of knowledge of the recruiting procedure. The army recruiting is absolutely free, fair and totally merit based. Individual having the required qualifications and capability will get selected on his own steam. No one can change the procedure to push in undeserving candidates since the procedure has stringent checks and balances and mostly automated. Therefore when you come for recruitment, have self belief. Anyone offering guarantee of recruitment must be reported to police or the rally officials immediately. Over a period we have identified many methods a tout adopts to lure candidates. They are given below for you to ward off any such offers.
  2. Likely Victim. Before a tout targets a candidate, he checks the candidate thoroughly. Normally he selects boys who are physically fit with no medical problems and would in all probability be good in studies. Such candidates generally pass on their own steam. He gives false assurances and says “You just pass the run. I will get the rest of it done.” When a candidate passes in such case, the tout will take the credit. If the candidate gets rejected, the tout returns the money or at least a major part of it with a lie that “some money, I can’t give back since I gave it to officials; however they have assured me that they will definitely do something next time, since there was lot of strictness this time”.
  3. Tricks To Acquire Candidates Trust. The tout will do anything to acquire the candidate’s faith so that they give him money easily e.g. in the middle of a recruitment rally, the tout will go up and make a deliberate effort to shake hands with recruiting personnel claiming to be an ex-servicemen or any other identity. Mind you, he will want you(candidate) to notice this and then he capitalizes on this hand shake.
  4. Telling Candidates False Indicators. Tout will misleadingly say “wear this coloured vest (baniyan)/Shorts, I’ve told the people concerned. They won’t ask you anything but will know that you are my man.” or
  5. “When you go for the interview of the Director Recruiting, say ‘Namaste’ or touch his feet. He will understand.”
  6. No one but only you can make it through the recruitment process, if you have the qualification and capability. Don’t lose your parents hard earned money to unscrupulous touts.



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