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‘Ajeya Warrior 2017’ Indo-UK Joint Military Exercise to Commence Tomorrow

Ajeya Warrior 2017, the joint Indo-UK military exercise will begin from tomorrow at the Mahajan Field Firing range in Rajasthan. As a part of that, the Indian Army has received a contingent of over 100 UK military personnel to take part in the joint exercise at the airport in Jaipur. The personnel will be escorted to the location of the military exercise after subjecting them to immigration and other check-in clearance procedures. The Indian and UK Army will hold the training exercises that will extend from December 1 to 14.

All the preparations for carrying out the joint exercise have been completed by the Army. This new edition of the joint exercise is the third such collaboration between India and the UK. The two countries previously had an extensive collaboration in the area of defense. It was in 2013 that the first such exercise was conducted between the two armies. A contingent of the Indian Army visited the United Kingdom for the second edition of the joint exercise.

According to defense spokesperson, Lt. Col. Manish Ojha, “The aim of the exercise is to build and promote bilateral relations and enhance interoperability while sharing experiences between the Royal British army and the Indian Army.”

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Indo-UK Joint Military Exercise

The Indian Army has selected the troops from the 20th Battalion Rajputana Riffles for participating in the exercise. The UK has chosen the 1st battalion of the Royal Anglican Regiment for participating in the event.

The Rajputana Rifles is known for their valor and large-scale experience in serving various counter-terrorist operations. On the other hand, the Royal Anglican Regiment of the UK is more specialized in combat operations with extensive experience serving Iraq and Afghanistan. The two army contingents have prepared well for the exercise which includes numerous training activities. This will help them deliver the best practices and learn a lot from each other.

The joint exercise is based on several modes and runs for 14 days. This will aid in integrating the two contingents of both the armies at each of the stages thus obtaining maximum results. The joint commanders and troops are also provided an opportunity to interact with each other on any matter.

With these joint exercises, the two armies can learn from each other their different methods and strategies. This will be of immense help in any future collaboration for combating internal or external elements across the country.



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