401 Gentlemen Cadets Join The Indian Army

It has been a memorable week for all the 454 young cadets of the 139 Regular and 122 Technical Graduate Courses, as they were selected as officers in the Indian Army this past week.

Tremendous enthusiasm was displayed by the Gentlemen Cadets to the tunes of “Sare Jahan Se Achha” and “Colonel Bogey March” during the graduation ceremony. These young cadets performed an incredible parade in front of the reviewing officer Deputy Chief of Army Staff Lt. Gen. NPS Hira.

The Indian Army selected 401 cadets as the commissioned offers in the Army while the remaining 53 foreign cadets, who were from eight foreign countries successfully passed out from the Indian Military Academy after finishing the training.

The remarkable parade concluded with the Gentlemen Cadets entering into the Chetwode Hall. This is a symbolic gesture, commonly known as “Antim Pag” (final step). This step marks the conversion of these Gentlemen Cadets into officers. The Chetwode Hall is named after erstwhile commander-in-chief of the Indian Army, Field Marshal Philip Chetwode.


Indian Army Gentlemen Cadets

Lt. Gen. Hira addressed the gathering stating that the day of graduation “is a historic day in the life of each Gentleman Cadet. After overcoming physical and mental challenges of a tough training regimen, the presence of the gentlemen cadets on this auspicious occasion, is testimony to their consistent hard work, zeal and ‘never say die’ attitude.”

He also added that the “emergence of non-state actors and extreme entities is definitely going to be a serious challenge for the future. In the face of such testing times, one needs to be professionally competent and ready to adapt oneself to emerging technologies while facing adversities squarely with a smile. I am sure that the training that you have imbibed in IMA would stand you in good stead during such times of intense challenge.”

As per the IMA officials, 116 Gentleman Cadets from the new batch joined the Indian Army infantry, while 93 of them opted to join for artillery. In addition to that, 31 of these young cadets joined as engineers in the Indian Army and 26 of them were selected into the Army’s armed corps.



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